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Do not let all of the hard work you or someone in your family have done become antiquated.  Genealogy now requires DNA testing to confirm one’s classic genealogy work.  

Organizations like the DAR and the National and International Genealogical Societies have included genetic genealogy as a component/step.  

We are fortunate this step is possible without the need to hire a specially trained technician. However, it is an option for anyone who feels overwhelmed at the prospect or has limited time to devote to family history.

THE nc1700sJORDANs PROJECT is designed to help any one working on a JORDAN pedigree which tracks back to Carolina at any time.  This project also may be able to aid family researchers whose focus is NOT JORDANS but have a mysterious Jordan grandma somewhere along the way.  

Joining the nc1700sJordans Project will provide you a seasoned researcher for free!   Participating in this project is free except for the cost of your testing kits.  And the researcher will help you trim those costs.  And this project was specifically designed to protect the privacy of all participants.

DNA is not to be feared.  Some myths about GENEALOGICAL DNA TESTS like Y-MARKER and FAMILY FINDER TESTS:

They are blood tests.

Actually Genealogical DNA testing are done by swabbing the inside of one’s cheek with a swab or spitting into a vial. It depends on which lab you use.  nc1700sJORDANS Project uses Familytreedna.com which uses the cheek swab method.

You can be cloned.

Genealogical DNA collected can NOT be used to clone.  

Medical conditions are detected and may be collected by Insurance companies and used to force you to pay higher premiums.

First, there are many different DNA tests. Not all are the same. The DNA tests used by doctors or medical researchers are NOT the same tests used in family history research.  Also genetic genealogy tests ordering process allows for complete privacy.  Because the lab was designed to allow folks to order kits using any name there is NO WAY for any one other than the kit owner to know the actual identity of the tester.  And finally the lab has safeguards in place to ensure you control your sample and results.  You are provided an unique password protected account and only you and any benefactor you assign may determine what happens with your DNA sample.

GENEALOGICAL DNA tests are the same as PATERNITY tests.

This is not true.  Genealogical tests are designed to compare your DNA with others but it is not the more complex paternity test!  Also again because of the way genealogical tests can be ordered the kit owner may not be the person testing so it would be impossible to use such a test to prove paternity.

Genealogical DNA tests results can be used by police or the courts.

AGAIN NO!  The DNA police departments and our courts use is more sophisticated.  AND there is a required chain of custody.  Submitting DNA through a genealogical DNA lab does NOT meet the threshold!  

The nc1700sJordan project uses Y marker and Family Finder tests. And the research can be ordered in such a way the name and address of any one participating is shielded. Think of it as the project acting as a gatekeeper.  The researcher is well versed with privacy protection and has designed this project to create an environment where anyone can advance their family history work without compromising their privacy in any way.

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