A wise SAMPSON COUNTY historian offered me some sage advice when I first began to do GENETIC GENEALOGY PRIMER presentations.  He told me to show how DNA TESTING has actually helped someone advance their family history work.  CHECK OUT my UNDERWOOD CASE STUDY  for my first SUCCESS.  It can be found under the DNA MENU.

When it comes to JORDAN FAMILY RESEARCH it is important to include DNA family history work for the branches of OTHER SURNAMED FAMILIES who married into your particular JORDAN branch at various generational junctions.  That may sound a bit confusing.  Let me try again.

Published colonial JORDAN genealogies have mistakes.  Some genealogists have Jordans of different JG Family Trees connected as direct relatives!  Others have incorrectly connected the wrong Miss so and so as the wife.  Step 1 of course is establishing your branch of JORDANS by submitting a Y 37 or greater test through FTDNA.com.  STEP 2 is to submit FAMILY FINDER KITS for your JORDANs in your pedigree.  Use your eldest living JORDANs, if at all possible.  STEP 3. often missed, can help you CONFIRM YOUR PEDIGREE and HELP YOU FIND YOUR JORDAN MIGRATION TRACK .

If you are stuck where your JORDANS are concerned, take a close DNA look at your earliest grandma who wed your earliest known JORDAN.  For many Carolina families, there are some commonalities – brothers at times married sisters or some other immediate direct connection between two distinct families occurred.  For our direct family our CORNELIUS JORDAN wed TABITHA PARRISH and Tabitha’s brother PINKNEY PARRISH wed Cornelius’ sister MARGARET JORDAN. So for me I have a reason to explore and understand the PARRISHs in addition to our JORDANS.



Sometimes  DNA mapping your earliest maternal branch will result in a middle name appearing in your JORDAN lines and JORDAN appearing as middle names in the maiden surnamed family.  At this time there is an open question regarding a governor of North Carolina. GOVERNOR THOMAS JORDAN JARVIS was a man who had a great love of history and he encouraged folks to  document their history.  His Jarvis can be tracked back to CURRITUCK and the some of the early days immigrants lived on our land.  Sadly his own connection to the particular JORDANs explaining his middle name is unclear.  It is my hope nc1700sJordans will solve this mystery.

There are many JORDANS whose particular family moved away from Carolina or maybe moved to a different region of Carolina.  These folks know they track back to Carolina but they don’t know which exact branch or in some cases which tree they belong and their work is stymied.

Migration patterns involve BOTH the paternal and maternal side for families. Often times it was not simply one family unit who moved away, it was a group of folks who moved.  The move could include folks of the maternal side. Sometimes where folks moved can be tracked back to the maternal side of families.  So exploring the maternal surnames is a critical step some family historians forget to explore. Remember DNA is its own repository of information.  Forgetting to include the maternal surname in one’s DNA work is akin to ignoring all deeds and only relying on census reports and wills in classic genealogy work!

Also remember DNA is INFORMATION.  You have to verify information. Just as you have to understand and verify classic genealogy papers, you need to use the maternal side of your family pedigree to help you understand and verify your DNA work!  And to do this doesn’t involve the expensive mitochondrial test! You simply work alongside and with the folks who are doing step 1 and step 2 for your grandma (or great+) grandma’s branch!

As folks work along and incorporate DNA in their work there is a wonderful opportunity for maternal and paternal sides who intersect to work together and share the costs of DNA testing  while maximizing the results! For instance, there is NO NEED for every son to establish their branch if another brother’s family has already established their father’s branch!  The money and effort would be better served working together to find their earliest ancestor’s descendant and together that is three different families who need the same information.  And there could be even more who need this information. Girls lines can help with Family Finder kits but they need men who fit in their pedigree to establish the branches.

Don’t limit your success by forgetting to include those maternal OTHER THAN JORDAN DNA

When my research work morphed from our specific MATTHEW JORDAN FAMILY HISTORY PROJECT into a full blown multi-tiered Cluster DNA Project, I did not do so lightheartedly.  This is not a means to hopefully get a particular JORDAN to submit a kit that will match our MATTHEW JORDAN BRANCH perfectly or within one step and I pack it in and stop the work.

I have over 40 working kits. These kits include JG3, JG4, JG5, JG8, JG25 JORDANS and I also have kits for SASSERS, BEASLEYS, CRAWFORDS, ALFORDS, ANDERSONS, AYCOCKS, CARRS, BOSWELLS, BAKERS, GORRELLS, McCULLENS, STRICKLANDS, and UNDERWOODS.   I have an obligation to help each person who has helped this project.

There are many JORDAN researchers stymied and many other surnamed researchers who are also stymied.  As a seasoned researcher I know what the solution is.  I am willing and working without any expectation of compensation to clarify and advance understanding of COLONIAL CAROLINA JORDANS and along the way this project will naturally if done correctly and made possible via participation and through cooperation will help more than JORDANS when it comes to the colonial period of Carolina!

There is no reason for speculation any longer or for discussions about how someone thinks so and so is related but …  We can apply science to our family history work and gain answers to questions which have stalled some branches for over a century.   The solution is within our reach.





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