FAMILYTREE DNA AUGUST 2018 SALE – Don’t miss it!


It is not often runs a sale.  Many wait for December to order kits.  Well, wait no more!

Now is the time to order your kits!  Move your raw data from Ancestry order an upgrade to anchor any boy kit or order a new kit for a boy to establish your line.  Get your work on its best footing!

If you are working JORDANs and you are not sure what to do-

email me (click the “email me” and you go directly to the dedicated encripted page on my website). It is completely safe.  We can communicate via email or phone, whichever you prefer!  I will do my best to help you make the best cost effective choices to accomplish your goals.

If you are a JORDAN and you don’t know what JG tree you belong – this is THE time to order a kit and find out!  Here is the link for

We have a finite research window to submit our best candidates kits!  And many lines have reached critical research nodes here in North Carolina.  We need all JORDANS to do their best work.  Our research window is rapidly closing to get kits done so we can use a combination of Ymarker and Family Finder information to reach back to the Lords Proprietors Era.

Please don’t delay.

By ordering now you can confirm your classic pedigree work – a necessary step to properly do your family history work for our generation.  For your work to be considered reliable and accurate you must include genealogical DNA and NOT Ancestry’s Family Finder test.  It takes Ymarker tests and they can only be ordered from!

You can have results before the holiday season and be able to create gifts or be ready when the family gathers to share your findings!

Remember DNA can help you find cousins who have precious family records such as Bibles, portraits, photographs, letters, deeds, and original copies of wills which you may have been trying to find for decades!

The Ymarker test’s reach is 26 generations!  By establishing your line you allow yourself the opportunity to reach back to find connections with your JG branch/tree before they ever reached this side of the Atlantic. In fact regardless of what family surname you are working the Ymarker test is one you need to use for your mom’s and dad’s immediate lines.

And if you have any REVOLUTIONARY WAR soldiers in your line please use this month to establish and confirm your connection to them!

I am NOT associated with FTDNA. Do not receive any personal enrichment from anyone submitting a kit.  SO this is NOT an advertisement.  The reason for this announcement is as an independent researcher trying to DNA map the earliest families of North Carolina who called NC home during or before the 1700s, I learned the necessity of using as one’s main genetic genealogical lab!

They are the only lab offering the full compliment of DNA tests. They are the one partnering with The DAR, National Geographic, The Lost Colony Consortium, too many Surname specific societies and geographic specific projects to name here.  They are the lab used by 98 percent of professional genealogists.

Unlike – at FTDNA your Family Finder matches are not limited.  You can phase your kits even if your parents are deceased.  And you can establish and confirm your surnames/clans!

This is a wonderful opportunity.  Don’t miss it!

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